How to lay your lawn

Creating a beautiful lawn

Step 1: Clear and prepare soil carefully, removing any weeds and debris.

Step 2: Once ground is firm, but not solid, rake and level into a smooth and even surface.

Step 3: Lay your lawn turf down on the straightest edge, being careful not to walk on the newly laid turf or the prepared ground. Preferably work from planks using the pressure from the planks to lightly compress the ready laid turf. Push turf firmly together and stagger joints like you would if you were building a wall.

Step 4: When the lawn is fully laid, water immediately using a hosepipe and sprinkler.

Looking after your newly laid lawn

Rule 1: Do not walk, or let children or pets on to your newly laid turf.

Rule 2: Keep your lawn well watered, especially in dry weather - water up to two/three times a day. Always use a hosepipe and sprinkler. Check water has soaked through turf to soil beneath by lifting a corner of the turf.

If cracks appear between turves more water is required! Remember to walk on planks if ground is soft!

Rule 3: As soon as the ground begins to firm and the grass grows, normally 7-10 days, mow your lawn on the highest setting of your lawnmower. Gradually lower your lawnmower setting as your lawn matures. Preferably use a height adjustable lawnmower with a grass collection box or remove all clippings after mowing.

If necessary mow from planks if the ground is still soft! Aim to mow your lawn twice a week!

Rule 4: When your lawn is fully established, cut regularly, weed treat and fertilize using a lawn feed from your local garden centre.

We wish you every success with your lawn.

Whitakers Turf Supplies Ltd

Please note: Whitaker's Turf Supplies Ltd cannot be held responsible if these turf laying instructions are not followed. If you are unsure how to lay or care for your lawn please call for advice.